Heated Back Stretcher
Heated Back Stretcher
Heated Back Stretcher
Heated Back Stretcher
Heated Back Stretcher
Heated Back Stretcher
Heated Back Stretcher

Heated Back Stretcher

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We know back pain can be crippling, with muscles so tight you can’t walk. Using our heated back stretcher with acupressure therapy and adjustable levels will help with relieving that pain and tension in your lower back after a long day sitting in an office chair. Our device is small and light, easy to carry and to use anywhere. Find comfort and release in your bed, car, or even your office chair. The posture corrector can even be added to your exercise or yoga routine to aid in your chiropractic treatment.

If you suffer from arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, a herniated disc, or other types of back pain, then the warming stretcher and muscle relaxer can help. The removable heated pad can help release your nerve and decompress your lower back.

Adjust between the three levels to slowly ease your back through stretching more, and eventually even fix the spinal alignment. In this way, our versatile machine will help improve your overall health, and with healing any issues ailing your aching back

Finally Get Rid of Your Back Pain and Discomfort!

How Does It Work?

Achieve Remarkable Results!

Safety Warning:

-We recommend NOT USING the Heating Pad attachment while sleeping. The heating pad attachment needs to be monitored when using at all times.

Product Specs - Temperature, Capacity, Heights, Material

Relief Back Pain with Heat Therapy

Three Different Positions for People with Different Stretching Needs

How to Use It - Demonstration

How to set up

Step 1

Bend the support arch before placing it into the base for an easier assembly. Place the base and support arch on a flat, secure surface such as a rug or carpet for grip. place the wide end closer to you.

Step 2

Rest your knees on the wider end to further secure the base. Slide the wider end of the support arch into the desired notch at the wider end of the base.

Step 3

Grip either side of the narrow end of the support arch and then gently press and bend the support arch until you can slide it into the desired notch.

Step 4

If you would like to enjoy a less intense massage, attach the soft heating pad to the velcro attachments on the top of the product, and then plug in the power connector cord.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
work well

This back stretcher works very well, I like to use it after coming home from work when I can relax. I can only use the first level still, but it's so satisfying when my back pops and I can slowly work up to the higher levels. I use it in my bed, but I know you can also use it even sitting in your chair or in the car—like on the way to work or going home.The heating is really nice, too, and helps relax my muscles, and it's especially nice right now when it's still a bit cold out. I think the heating helps more than if I didn't use it, with easing the pain and being combined with stretching my back out, it's double the effects! It's definitely been helping reduce my back pain every day.

The best back relief

I have damage to my T11-12, L1, L3-4, & S1. Yes, I have chronic pain. My back regularly needs adjustment but I can't afford to see a Chiro every week or day. I've used rollers, tennis balls, chair arms, you name it to stretch my back & pop it. I put this on the 2nd level the first time. I laid back on it & immediately my back began to pop. It was a soft or slow pop, not like a Chiro. I was able to release my back from my Thoracic & Lumbar. I've now set it on the 3rd level & it works even better. I used it daily & am greatful to have discoverd it.

Great gift!

Got it for my mom and thinking about getting one for my husband. My mom had trouble figuring out how to turn it on but with help she got it. Was also worried it was a little to small and not sturdy enough but it works just fine will update if I have issues

Very good

I like how small and easy to carry it is, I can take it with me when I travel and it's nice to use when driving to work

Kris W
Great product

I originally bought one that did not have the cushion support. It was unbearable
This has the same plastic components but with the added feature of the heated cushion that makes it much much softer on your spine
Good purchase