Heated Back Stretcher for Lower Back Pain Relief

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We know back pain can be crippling, with muscles so tight you can’t walk. Using our heated back stretcher with acupressure therapy and adjustable levels will help with relieving that pain and tension in your lower back after a long day sitting in an office chair. Our device is small and light, easy to carry, and to use anywhere. Find comfort and release in your bed, car, or even your office chair. The posture corrector can even be added to your exercise or yoga routine to aid in your chiropractic treatment.

If you suffer from arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, a herniated disc, or other types of back pain, then the warming stretcher and muscle relaxer can help. The removable heated pad can help release your nerve and decompress your lower back.

Adjust between the three levels to slowly ease your back through stretching more, and eventually even fix the spinal alignment. In this way, our versatile machine will help improve your overall health, and with healing any issues ailing your aching back.